Almodovarian rebranding

tacones lejanos

High heels are everywhere. Into this movie, we have the chance to admire women’s personality, mother and daughter’s relationship and any secret we hide. There is one shot into the film that made us use, as an artwork, the street of Madrid and those wonderful high heels we see upside down.

La ley del deseo

A Holy Mary with shining clothes, wearing red sun glasses, ready to hug viewer’s and main characters pain, is familiar to us. She is placed in front of a kitsch, happy and summer background which made our mind travel to Madrid. She invites us to watch how “The Law of Desire” works.

To the whole movie identity, the main artwork is almost everywhere. A font which reminds us typewriter’s font has been used. Black stripes divide the happy background, and this is a reference to the murders into the movie. On the other hand the rest of aesthitcs follow Almodovar’s era. 

Hable con Ella

Α female breast that symbolizes the whole story, is the promo concept for this wonderful movie by Pedro Almodovar. “Talk to her” is a master piece, something like spanish poetry. ​​​​​​​

Alicia, Lydia and the two men. Alicia survives because Benigno take care of her, Lydia did’t have the same luck. Two different women, or any women.. Breast will always be The symbol.

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