Sketchbook 4human rights

50+ artists capture in a sketchbook their own perspective on the lack of basic human rights in modern society.
Sketchbook 4 Human Rights implemented by ART HUB Athens in the framework of Active citizens fund Greece.
All the works that will be created will be exhibited in an open event-exhibition that will take place in September in Athens.

A library of sketchbooks inspired by the 17 Sustainable Goals of Development of the United Nations (SDG’s) that will be created by 50 artists.

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I think that if art could change the world so many centuries ago, that change would have taken place and we would know a lot about it. Art is a living creature, like us, animals, trees, art can only be in solidarity with the other creatures around it, asking questions, magnifying narratives and transmitting them to more and more eyes and ears. Art can speak openly in a secret universal language, and as much as this may seem like a luxury, it is also more necessary than ever. We need the sensitivity of creators, the love for the life and things of artists, the give and take of a creator with the people around him. In essence, we need that open dialogue where everyone can add their own piece and the puzzle fits everyone in whenever it is completed. Otherwise we hope all these little pieces that everyone adds will create a work of art in constant evolution that fits them all. Human rights is what it is. A constant struggle, hand in hand with diversity that opens its arms more and more to embrace more and more people and ultimately to justify and make visible all those forgotten in the course of the hegemony of the few and powerful. Human rights are the right and obligation of every creature and ultimately of every human being for the benefit of all living creatures.

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