future was innocent

When we were little we thought about summers, the new school years, our first love, our parents, the job we wanted to do and everything seemed dreamy – almost innocent. Images from the future that we thought would be given to us and belong to us. Images that no matter how pure we tried we never really caught because even when they came we had forgotten to be, to think and to feel innocent so we did not recognize them. Innocent everything, drinks, money, cigarettes, sweets, nights when we could not sleep, tracks that cursed even the roots of trees, anger and innocence. We grew up, it was mostly anger and an invincible exhaustion from the innocence that was lost, from Bowie’s music that only nostalgically sounds anymore, from the football we played tirelessly every day, from the 1000 baths every summer (yes, we stole innocently in the count), from the loves that we stared at and blushed up to our toes and thought they would stay young and indestructible forever.






mantility residency

DAY 1 – 12/06/2021
Let me tell you a story as quick as possible. Illustrators are storytellers. Sometimes in words and sometimes with sketches but all they actually do is telling stories. Since I was a kid words and images were my favorite tools to say something. Usually family stories, personal goofy times and rarely big heartbreak stories. Though in each and everyone of illustrations there is a Here is elements and feelings from my first day in Kavala for MANTILITY’s art residency and since I’m the first artist in this programme I have the honor to begin things. Beginnings are the best part. Endings suck. You know that. There is no need to explain this illustration in the art diary but I need to say it feels like home.
Thank you @mantility_ and Zafeiria – love you both equally.

DAY 2 – 13/06/2021
Art diaries in my humble opinion is an exhibition made by our twin self. It looks like our art but not for sure.
Pages and poems from @mantility_ art residency. Rainy Kavala rocks! Nature always knows when and why!
Now it’s time for me to enjoy the rain have a great Sunday evening! 

DAY 3 – 14/06/2021
I know I’m always one day behind though I’m so full and I know I’ll make images from Kavala for a long period in my life.
Words and illustrations and a great dinner for my today’s art diary pages.

DAY 4 – 15/06/2021
Every morning I’m opening my art diary and I’m not sure I can put everything in it. This exact same diary will stay here and my illustrated thoughts will wait the next artist for MANTILITY’s Art Residency. Sometimes I worry on how chaotic these pages will look to the next creatives but at the same time I feel released from any worry and I just do what I want to do. After all happiness and sorrow are two sisters from the same father and the same mother. Let them all happen and follow the flow.

DAY 5 – 16/06/2021
I forgive myself for the parts I’ve lost and the parts I’ve found. It’s ok bro. Go far away find tangos and wines, poems and dreams and then leave. If something Is for you it will come back to you. A ring, a promise, a story, an idea, a city, a lover, a friend.This illustration has a title: “every house has some heartbeats inside, let me hear them”Have a great morning all of you.

DAY 6 – 17/06/2021
hinking about last dance, last chase, last night of a story and the waves we must trust to get to the next chapter of our lives. Travelling is the only way to go deeper and leaving is the only way to celebrate new beginnings. I wish sea could take everything without even trying. But life is harder in my head and I know life only by moving.Cheers to me and my three hours of sleep, cheers to nightmares, cheers to open horizons.

DAY 7 – 18/06/2021
Some messages will never find their destination but let’s wish the right hands will find them. I’m not counting days anymore, MANTILITY’s Art Residency is coming to an end for me! Kavala is green and I’m still weird.

DAY 8 – 20/06/2021
Last day at @mantility_ art residency and I’m feeling blessed for the people I met, the moments I had, the talks I’ve heard, the landscapes I’ve seen. Hope this programme works great in the future and this city has the opportunity to meet creativity and artists! If I wanted to special thank some people I would probably choose @zafeiria_mol @michaela_syrmali @mothergoosetattoos @blame.lola @anastasia_kal and I forgive myself if I forget anyone special in my memories.
Thank you all after all
Last note: all we have is open hearts and new places to conquer. Choose wisely!

DAY 9 – 21/06/2021
See you soon dearest city!







I Love you 24/7